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MVNO Spotlight : Boost Mobile

September 19, 2016


Network: Sprint CDMA 3G / 4G LTE

Coverage area: Nationwide


Boost Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint which provides prepaid service on both Sprints CDMA 3G and 4G LTE networks.  Boost Mobile is one of the first MVNOs to offer unlimited services and one of the more aggressive to acquire users.  However not anyone can become a Boost Mobile Dealer.  Proximity is taken into consideration, and Branded Locations get more protection and higher commissions for their exclusiveness.  You must submit for approval through one of their master agents.  Be selective when choosing your master agent as once selected you are married to that master agent and may not leave. 




- Boost Mobile nationwide branding, a really well known prepaid provider.

- Handset subsidization, Boost Mobile will offer phones to the consumer at below their cost.

- Port in promos to bring in customers from other carriers

- Amazing plans, $50 unlimited plan is by far one of the better offerings out in the market

- Family plans available up to 5 lines

- 4G LTE Network

- Unlimited music streaming

- Mexico Roaming option available

- Individual plans include hotspot capability

- You get Spiffs for the first 3 months that the customer stays active




- Limited handset lineup as you can only activate Boost Mobile devices or selected Sprint Devices

- You make no Margin/Profit on handset sales.  

- Extremely limited Bring your own phone program

- Sprint Network reputation

- Promos on devices are not up to par to their competion

- Minimal marketing exposure compared to it's main competitors (MetroPCS, Criket, T-Mobile)

- Low pin rates

- Must be branded to receive higher commissions and residual payout

- Not much proximity protection even for their branded locations, they have the reputation of      approving multi carriers within a few hundred feet of branded locations.

- You may only purchase handsets from your master agent.  Choose wisely.

- Constant allocations on promo devices

- Commissions can be charged back

- Constant commission payout errors, make sure to have a great accounting set up as they will miss 

  commissions on a regular basis.


Check out our Boost mobile master agent list here


Sound off below with any thoughts


Julio Castro

Wireless Dealer Group


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