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Two widely used Android series are experiencing annoying bugs

Some bugs are being reported for a couple of phone models still very much in use today. The first phones to have an issue belong to the Samsung Galaxy S21 series which includes the Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, and S21 FE (Fan Edition). After installing the monthly June security patch update for these models, a major bug developed which was detailed by users of these phones in Samsung's U.S. community forum.

After the June update, some Galaxy S21 series units can't receive or send phone calls and texts.

The Galaxy S21 models are having problems sending and receiving calls and SMS messages (text) as this post on the Samsung Community website mentions: "After the June 2022 update, I can no longer send SMS, most of the time. Every now and then I can send them. I can receive SMS fine, I can also make phone calls. I am also getting very spotty data connection which I think is related. I have tried resetting network settings, clearing partition cache, removing and putting back SIM card etc. After the June update, I received a message saying something about SIM or network provider updated. Then things went downhill from there. 99.99% sure that is is related to the update. Any ideas?"

Another Samsung Galaxy S21 owner had a very succinct post writing, "Same thing has happened to me. Idk what the issues is but something is incomplete in their update they pushed out to us." Another brief call out for help came from this post: "I can't make any calls or receive any calls on my device." The good news is that there is a workaround although it could involve a factory reset.

A Samsung Care Ambassador with the handle bill-e writes that Galaxy S21 series users should first check to make sure that their handset is not on Airplane Mode (which would turn off the radios inside the handset). Another user continues with the next step: "If you have service and airplane mode is not on and you have had the phone for awhile do a factory reset."

Normally, those are two words we hate to hear said together. The user adds that "This will make your phone like it's the 1st day but you will keep the latest updates. Your phone will be fast again Beware you will lose all your picture and text messages so back up before you do this." Perhaps a less drastic solution will come from Sammy.

On Reddit, there is more talk about a bug that some Pixel 6 series users saw go away with one of the recent monthly updates. Others still have the problem after installing the July update. What is this bug? It is one that freezes the screen when viewing a website preventing the user from using the multitask gestures or swiping the site off of the display to close it. The haptic vibration can still be felt but the page will not move.

Some Pixel 6 users have been dealing with this for some time.

One Redditor with the handle "PeanutButterWolf" says that this is the only issue he's experienced on his Pixel 6. He states, "Yeah I know, it's my only gripe with this phone atm. Otherwise, it's been perfect. I can't believe this stupid bug is still around. It's annoying that it hasn't gotten much attention to where Google will do something about it. It's pissing me off."

It could be that Google is still working on this. It would appear that the issue is listed on the Google Issue Tracker which notes the experience of a Pixel 6 Series user who says, "It happens in almost every app. I initiate a gesture to either go to the multitask screen, or to get back to the home screen or my phone and at random times it'll often freeze or get hung up. I feel the haptics confirming the action was made, but the screen just freezes, so I'm stuck waiting for whatever is going on, to remedy itself."

Hopefully, Google will push out an update shortly to fix this problem. A confession: the bug has affected this writer's Pixel 6 Pro since the July update.

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