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Tello Mobile Running $15 Account Credit Anniversary Offer for New Subscribers

Tello Mobile has over 100,000 active subscribers!

The Sprint MVNO earlier announced this milestone in a blog post. Coincidentally, they are also celebrating their 4th anniversary.

In line with this double celebration, the MVNO is giving its new subscribers a $15 account credit. This is on top of thedouble data and talk offer that the company is giving to both new and existing customers in response with the ongoing health crisis. This double data and talk offer is available until May 29.

The $15 account credit, again, is exclusive to new subscribers. When you signup for a plan, you will automatically get the $15 account credit that you can use to pay next month's phone bill or to purchase a new phone.

The $15 account credit anniversary offer ends on May 19. To learn more about this offer,visit this page.


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