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T-Mobile puts you right on the field (virtually) for MLB's Summer Camp

Next week the 2020 Major League Baseball season swings into action and because of the coronavirus, there have been a few changes made to the National Pastime. First of all, there won't be any fans sitting in the stands-at least not during the beginning of the new season.

Instead, some teams are charging fans for the right to have a cardboard cutout of their image placed in a seat to give the illusion that people are attending a game. In addition, crowd noise will be piped into stadiums' speaker systems. And instead of a 162-game marathon, teams will participate in a 60-game sprint to the playoffs and ultimately the World Series.

Put yourself right in the middle of the Seattle Mariners' Summer Camp thanks to T-Mobile

Some players have decided to opt-out of the season, and with only 60 games on the schedule, anything can happen. As proof of that, consider that the eventual World Series Champion Washington Nationals had a record of 27-33 after the first 60 games last year. And with baseball back, T-Mobile is giving subscribers (which now includes Sprint subscribers) a free-year of MLB.TV, the MLB.TV app's premium features, and a year of The Athletic. The free year of MLB.TV app and the Athletic are each valued at $59.99.

Starting his rookie season as the carrier's CEO, Mike Sievert has a comment to make about T-Mobile's grand slam offer. "This season more than ever, we’re so happy to bring back free MLB.TV and give both T-Mobile and Sprint fans another way to connect to the game they love while they’re away from the park. MLB.TV is hands down one of our most popular T-Mobile Tuesdays offers — last year, our customers streamed over 17 MILLION hours of MLB.TV! We know you can’t get to a game this season, so we’re bringing the games to you!" And make no mistake that baseball is indeed back. National television ratings for a recently played exhibition game between New York City's pinstriped teams were phenomenal.

Back in 2001, a nation reeling from terrorist attacks on its own soil turned to baseball to slowly return to normal. On September 21st, the first game following the 9/11 attacks was played at Shea Stadium in New York as the Mets hosted the Braves in a contest broadcast on national television. Trailing 2-1 in the bottom of the eighth inning, Mets' catcher Mike Piazza drilled a two-run blast that led the team to a comeback victory that many consider the start of the healing process in the city and the country. Yes, sports are that powerful.

And as the U.S. craves a return to normalcy following the global pandemic that has devastated many, T-Mobile is giving subscribers a couple of baseball-related distractions with the free MLB.TV app and the virtual trip that you can take to the Mariners' Summer Camp. Check out the images we've included with this story to get an idea of what Summer Camp with the Seattle Mariners is going to look like online. And you don't have to be a Mariners fan to enjoy the livestream.

Besides bringing the ballgame to you, T-Mobile and the Seattle Mariners (who play ball at T-Mobile Park in Seattle) are teaming up to bring baseball fans a virtual 360-degree look at the team's Summer Camp. The 360-degree livestream travels on T-Mobile's advanced wireless network and puts fans right in the middle of the action. This could be the way that MLB and other sporting events are streamed in the future. The streaming begins today starting at 1:30 pm PDST during batting practice at T-Mobile Park. You can view the livestream directly from the Seattle Mariners YouTube channel. When you connect to the channel, T-Mobile says that you should "look around T-Mobile Park as if you’re standing on the field."

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