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T-Mobile inks MVNO deal with Bark Technologies

Bark Technologies has just signed a multi-year mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) deal with T-Mobile. The company is best known for its parental control app that is used in the US, Australia, and South Africa. With the new agreement, they are the latest to use T-Mobile’s network for their Bark Phone.

The Bark Phone is actually a Samsung A13 with a built-in Bark app. This allows parents to scan the texts, emails, social media accounts, and apps of their child for any potential dangers. It also comes with GPS location tracking, contact management, and call blocking. Because the settings are native to the device, kids can’t tamper with these.

Bark’s website says that they have been able to detect 629,000 self-harm situations and 2.6 million instances of severe bullying. The app has also notified families about potential online predators with the help of their AI.

According to Recon Analytics’ Roger Entner, the number of potential wireless subscribers of the app have risen after what transpired in the Uvalde, Texas mass school shooting. This is because many parents have given their children a smartphone to use. But even though they were given a smartphone, parents still want to know what’s going on in their devices. And this is where Bark’s app comes into the picture.

A Bark Phone plan starts at $49 per month and does not need a contract. You can learn more about Bark here.

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