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Sprint’s network is officially retired

It’s official! Sprint’s network is officially retired. T-Mobile has shut down the remaining LTE network of Sprint along with its own 3G network.

A spokesperson for the Un-carrier confirmed to The Verge that the shutdowns are now taking place. This is on top of Sprint’s 3G CDMA network that T-Mo shut down earlier this year.

The shutdowns follow the schedule created by T-Mobile, which has been delayed from 2021. To recall, T-Mobile originally planned to shut down Sprint’s networks by the end of 2021. But because of an anti-competitive claim made by Dish, this schedule was pushed to Jun 30, 2022.

So what does this mean for customers? For starters, if you’re still using a Sprint LTE or T-Mobile 3G device, you won’t be able to make any voice calls anymore. You’ll only be able to use your phone to connect via Wi-Fi.

Ever since it put a date on these shutdowns, T-Mobile has been giving away 5G smartphones to customers who will be affected. You can still get a 5G replacement device for free if you are affected by the shutdown.

There’s still no word on when T-Mobile will retire its 2G GSM network. But it plans to do so, eventually.

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