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Samsung might be expanding its self-service program to include more devices

The topic of self-repair is, thankfully, an increasingly developing one. Tech manufacturers are starting to open up more and more to it thanks to the push that enthusiasts, governments, and eco-activists are constantly engaging in.

As one of the most successful and large contributors to the mobile tech scene, Samsung has its self-service repair program, which it announced back in March this year. Given its rather recent start, however, the program does not include that many devices yet, and the tech giant has plenty of space to expand this initiative.

As it stands right now, the supported products are the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy Tab S7+. Yes, only these three are among the massively colorful gamut of gadgets Samsung has in its arsenal. However, a recently patented trademark filing revealed a potential expansion of this list to include other types of Samsung tech such as earbuds and wearables.

Samsung has a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) dubbed “Self Repair Assistant,” which is the name of an upcoming computer app that would assist users of Samsung devices to self-repair their devices, maintain them, and help with self-installation (via SamMobile). The patent says that the app will offer guidance, and information, as well as easy access to replacement parts for the supported devices.

Currently, Samsung has a partnership with iFixit, which takes care of all of these services. However, this patent implies that this partnership might soon end if Samsung goes along with the launch of the Self Repair Assistant. Suffice to say, this is some great news for passionate DYI enthusiasts who like to take care of and repair their own devices. That being said, nothing is certain until Samsung makes an official announcement or statement about this app and service, so don’t get your hopes up just yet. Given that this is becoming a hotter topic by the minute, though, there are good grounds for speculation that we will see a launch in the future.

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