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iPhone 14 Pro has a camera problem that’s making users angry

Apple has probably sold millions of iPhone 14 units in less than two weeks, but the launch hasn’t been exactly smooth. Apple had to deal with iPhone 14 preorder issues and iMessage and FaceTime activation problems. These are easy to fix, but the latest bug might be more problematic. It appears that iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max units have a serious camera buzzing issue that needs fixing.

Some users have discovered problems with the 48-megapixel wide camera when used with third-party apps. Specifically, the camera might malfunction in some social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max owners took to social media to show a buzzing noise coming from the camera, which is more problematic than the failure to focus during Snapchat use.

The various camera components involved in focusing and stabilizing the image seem to move uncontrollably and rapidly. That’s just speculation based on the videos of this strange iPhone 14 Pro camera malfunction that people posted on media.

The iPhone 14 Pro camera buzzing issue

YouTuber Luke Miani is one of the iPhone 14 Pro Max users who experienced the issue, posting a video of it on Twitter. You can hear the camera’s vibration and see its movements as it struggles to focus/stabilize.

The worry here is that third-party apps that use the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max camera might inadvertently trigger the bug. The camera’s vibration and buzzing might damage the sensitive components. In turn, any camera damage might compromise the entire camera experience. Miani says the camera would fail to focus after the buzzing incident.

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As Miani and The Verge point out, plenty of other people are experiencing the same issue. You can see some similar examples below.

It’s unclear how widespread the iPhone 14 Pro camera issue is. But Apple is certainly aware of it, and it’s looking for a fix. An upcoming software update will likely prevent the camera from behaving like in the clips above, regardless of the app.

You’re not going to love the fixes

Apple will likely issue an update very soon to fix it. Just like iOS 16.0.1 came out to address the iMessage and FaceTime activation problems.

Until that happens, you have two fixes you can use, and you won’t necessarily like them.

Miani was able to return the iPhone 14 Pro Max that exhibited the camera buzzing issue and have it replaced. That’s the easy fix for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max owners.

If your camera suffers from the buzzing problem, you should take the unit back and get a replacement. That’s the only way to ensure there was no permanent damage to the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max.

Returning and replacing the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max can be a hassle when it comes to backing up data, wiping the handset, and setting up the replacement unit. But it’s something that’s definitely doable, especially if you’re close to an Apple retail store.

The second fix is the more annoying one for anyone who loves their social media action. To prevent the camera buzzing bug from surfacing, you should avoid all social media activity until the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max get the official software fix.

It might be hard to stay away from posting content on Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok, but it’s the kind of sacrifice you need to consider until the next iOS 16 update comes along.

I’ll add again that we’re only speculating here, using information from iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max users who experienced the bug. But hopefully, Apple will clarify the matter soon enough and offer additional fixes.

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