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Cricket Wireless’s First Holiday Offers Of The Season Are Out, Include Free 5G Phone

Cricket Wireless has introduced its first holiday offers of the 2021 season and it includes a 5G push. Cricket's homepage now highlights that "5G smartphones starting at $0" are available. The Cricket Dream 5G is the featured 5G phone offer and it is the only one that is free for switchers. The offer is also featured in a new Cricket Wireless TV ad. Cricket has several free 4G LTE phone deals including a continuation offer for the iPhone SE.

Cricket's Holiday 2021 Android 5G Phone Offers

Cricket Wireless only sells a limited number of 5G phones. A few of them have been put on sale to kick off the holiday 2021 shopping season. The table below showcases the currently available offers.

3= Port to a Cricket plan priced $30 or higher is required 6= Port to Cricket's $60 unlimited plan required

If that free Dream 5G sounds appealing to you, you may want to check out YouTuber Lady Red's Tech Reviews Dream 5g unboxing video.

Cricket's Holiday 2021 Free Android 4G LTE Phone Offers

Below is a table full of Cricket Wireless's first set of free phone offers available to switchers for the holiday season.

3= Port to a Cricket plan priced $30 or higher is required 55= Port to Cricket $55 or higher unlimited plan required 6= Port to Cricket's $60 unlimited plan required

Cricket's Holiday 2021 iPhone Offers

Unfortunately for iPhone fans, the season is starting off on a slow foot. Cricket is running just a couple of deals, the same ones it's basically offered for awhile.

To get the iPhone SE port-in pricing, customers must switch to Cricket, purchase the $60 unlimited plan and prepay for their first three months of wireless service. To take advantage of the iPhone XR offer, customers must port to Cricket's $60 flagship unlimited plan and prepay for two months of service in advance.

To support Cricket's free 5G phone offer, a new TV ad has been launched. The ad, entitled "Holidays: Winter Wonderland," features a very happy Cricket customer in the snow who spins around and around in a circle while holding her new phone. She proclaims "it's everything I wished for." The ad continues with one of Cricket's mascots telling the woman's significant other "I told you she'd love her new 5G phone from Cricket." The ad finishes with a picture of the Cricket Dream 5G and shows in bold lettering "free 5g phone when you switch, plus fast, nationwide 5G."

At the end of October, Cricket Wireless made 5G network access available with all of its plans. The company is wasting no time advertising the availability of that network.

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