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AT&T discontinues TV Now service, but current subscribers can still use it

Introduced back in 2018, AT&T's TV Now service is now being phased out by the US carrier. The service that costs as low as $55/month can still be accessed by current subscribers, but new sign ups are no longer accepted by AT&T.

Instead, new customers who want to acquire a similar service must now pay for AT&T TV, a more expensive service that starts at $70 and offer access to more than 65 channels. The highest AT&T TV tier costs $95 and includes 130+ channels.

AT&T’s senior VP of marketing Vince Torres told Variety that his company wishes to bring “more value and simplicity” by combining the two streaming services “into a single AT&T TV experience.” The carrier removed the annual contract requirement for AT&T TV and allows subscribers to use third-party devices such as Apple TV and Roku.

The good news is current AT&T TV Now customers won't be forced to pay more for the service “and will not experience any disruptions as part of this change,” Torres confirmed.

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