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A Huge SMS Scam Is Hitting T-Mobile Customers

Customers on T-Mobile are receiving a specific kind of spam text over the last 24 hours, with the T-Mobile subreddit receiving numerous posts on the topic.

The text includes an image like the one below, offering a “$100 FREE GIFT” for completing a 30 second survey. The image is followed by a link to a site offering $100, but includes a disclaimer that they are not “affiliated” with T-Mobile. If only they had said so in the text.

If you receive the text, do not click the link. You can report the spam to T-Mobile by forwarding the text to 7726. You can also install the Scam Shield app, though it won’t help block sms spam, just calls.

This could easily be a result of the data breach in August, as the image is specifically targeting T-Mobile customers. Hopefully T-Mobile is able to filter this out soon, because the sheer number of impacted customers on the subreddit seems to indicate that this is a massive and coordinated effort.

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