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Futuristic Galaxy Z Flip lands to give the Razr a run for its price... and specs

All eyes may have been on the Galaxy S20 series for Samsung's Unpacked event, but the company surprised us by introducing "innovative devices that will shape the next decade of mobile experiences" in the form of its new foldable phone series started by one Galaxy Z Flip.

Samsung's foldable phone strategy is getting clearer, and it seems already set to mean one "affordable" clamshell focused on portability each spring, followed by a one vertical-axis flagship like the Galaxy Fold and its successor Fold 2, in the second half of the years ahead.

Codenamed Bloom since October, Samsung's spring 2020 clamshell and direct Motorola RAZR (2019) competitor is meant to be the most affordable, gateway phone for the world of bendy handsets and form factors of the future, as in "blooming" market share.

When the company issued the video above, depicting more ways to skin a bendy phone cat than the OG Galaxy Fold. we should have seen the February 11 Unpacked event coming. After all, San Francisco is splashed right there in the clamshell foldable design concept's weather widget, for DJ Koh's sake!

Granted, recently Samsung's DJ Koh may have said that it is actually aimed at girls in their twenties hence styled like Lancome's iconic powder compact, but we'd rather go with the original explanation for the codename, as we don't know many 25-year-olds that can scrape together $1400 for the thing.

Just as expected, however, the name of the final retail device is neither be Fold 2, nor Bloom, but rather carries the Flip moniker, aiming to induce a scent of nostalgia into those who still remember the pseudo-foldables of yesteryear. They enjoyed the folksy term "flip phones" for a good while before smartphones were even a twinkle in Steve Jobs' eyes. So, is the Z Flip a modern reincarnation of the flip phone indeed? Well, judge for yourself after we present you with the facts.



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