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Verizon MVNOs prepaid monthly plans – updated

Verizon Wireless has the largest and most reliable network of all major carriers in the U.S., which makes Verizon MVNOs highly desirable option. Verizon uses CDMA technology, which means that a phone swapping is not as easy as with GSM-based phones if customers are not happy with service or the phone itself.

However, the newer smartphones that include newer iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S phones, Nexuses and other latest smartphones are GSM and CDMA capable, so in time, this problem will not exist for Verizon or Sprint.

Verizon’s service is primarily focused on postpaid customers but in recent months they made quite a few changes to its prepaid offeringswhich made them more appealing to existing and potential customers. Biggest change is that Verizon has allowed access to LTE to its prepaid customers on July 17, 2014 and after that, it has started allowing it to its MVNOs.

All MVNOs, however, used to offer throttled LTE speeds, up to 5 Mbps, until recently. In September 2017, TracFone brands that operate on Verizon network have stopped throttling 4G LTE data speeds to 5Mbpsbut “operate at maximum speed of the network.” This change affected TracFone, Straight Talk, Net10, Total Wireless and Page Plus Cellular.

Source: https://prepaidmobilephonereviews.com/verizon-prepaid-and-verizon-mvnos-plans/


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