Huawei P30 Pro NIGHT Camera Comparison vs Galaxy S10 Plus vs Pixel 3

The Huawei P30 Pro promises to rewrite the rules of photography and it has an arsenal of four rear cameras for that, but as impressive as that sounds on paper, how do those cameras actually perform in real life?

It's impossible to capture the essence of a camera in a single number, so that's why we went out to take a bunch of photos with the Huawei P30 Pro and we compare these photos to some of the best smartphone cameras around: the Galaxy S10 Plus and the Google Pixel 3.

And since most smartphones perform fairly well during the day, we focused on the one area where smartphones still struggle: night photos.

For this test, we used Huawei's Night mode, which captures several photos and bundles them together for a superior night-time photo. This whole process takes around a few long seconds and is not as fast as the Night Sight mode on the Google Pixel, and we definitely felt a bit impatient waiting for the processing to finish, but let's see if the results were worth it. For the Galaxy S10 Plus, we had all settings set to auto.

In this first shot, we headed to Montmartre, the artistic district where Picasso and the likes lived and gathered. The place offered us a beautiful panoramic view of night-time Paris, a view that we really hoped to get a good shot of. But it was really dark and the scene was a big challenge for a smartphone camera.

In our view, the Huawei P30 Pro did best here. It captured the brightest photo, with the most detail. The Pixel's Night Sight did well, but not quite as good, and the Galaxy was nowhere nearly as good as the other two.



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