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DataPass Has Quietly Shut Down

DataPass was a multi-carrier partner MVNO. The company offered service plans on the T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon networks. The MVNO burst onto the scene in early 2018 by offering an unlimited LTE data plan on the Sprint network for just $39/month. At launch, it was the cheapest unlimited data plan on the Sprint network that I could find. However, the plan's price was soon undercut by Sprint itself when Sprint launched its Unlimited Kickstart plan for $25/month.

Sadly, about a year after launch, DataPass has had to halt operations and is no longer in business. The MVNO quietly closed down at the beginning of March. Jordan Kennedy, the company's founder tells BestMVNO that its carrier partners and MVNE had many back-end issues and pricing and plan changes. Some of those issues resulted in subscribers having their service stop working for no apparent reason. The aforementioned problems, which were largely out of Jordan's hands, made it difficult to run the business, and as a result, Jordan decided to close it down. Jordan says that DataPass had a small number of subscribers and they were able to keep their numbers and transfer over to a new carrier.

The MVNO market is a highly competitive place. As explained by Jordan it can also come with a lot of moving parts. Those things can make running a successful MVNO difficult. That's why we usually see a few closures every year with some shutting down like DataPass, not long after launch.

Source: https://bestmvno.com/datapass/datapass-has-quietly-shut-down/


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