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Wave7 Reveals Simple Mobile, H2O Wireless, PagePlus Are Top MVNOs

Wave7 Research, a company that specializes in telecom competitive intelligence analysis, has released the results of its Independent Prepaid Dealer Survey for Q4 2018. The survey tracked prepaid brand distribution and sales at 30 independent, multi-brand dealers in 15 NFL cities. Dealers were asked which prepaid brands they carry and which were their top sellers. Based on the results of the survey, this quarter's winners are Simple Mobile, H2O Wireless and PagePlus. Simple Mobile was available at 29 of the 30 dealers and the top seller at 16 of them. H2O had a presence at 19 stores and a second place finish in 9 stores, replacing Ultra Mobile from the last survey results. PagePlus weakened slightly by decreasing its presence at 16 out of 30 dealers (instead of 25 from the last) and landing top three at 6 stores. Wave7 gave AT&T Prepaid a "momentum award" for continuously doing its best to slowly get a presence in more stores. During Q4, the company had presence at 9 dealers, 6 of which commended it as among its sales leaders. For this quarter, Wave7 called Red Pocket, Ultra Mobile, and Metro as the survey losers. It's surprising to see Ultra Mobile on this list because it placed second in Q3 with a presence at 20 stores. Now, it only has presence in 11 stores. This was largely because of the number of dealers that dropped the brand since it was "not too popular." Red Pocket remains on this list for focusing its efforts primarily on online sales. Metro was only mentioned by a couple of reps compared to the six from the last survey. Here's the raw data from the survey (Q3 numbers are in parentheses). Note that the Q3 survey included 31 dealers, the latest one included 30.

Once again, the TracFone brands (Simple Mobile and PagePlus) dominate the results in terms of distribution. Simple Mobile was also the top selling brand in the last survey results.

Source: https://www.prepaidphonenews.com/2018/12/wave7-reveals-simple-mobile-h2o.html

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