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T-Mobile Reports Record Breaking Achievements from Q3 2018

T-Mobile seems to be doing great this year with its latest report of another record breaking quarter. Earlier today, T-Mobile gave a report on its Q3 2018 earnings. During the quarter, the company managed to add a total of 1.63 million customers from the previous 1.33 million customer count in the same quarter a year ago. Remarkably, this is the 22nd quarter that T-Mobile was able to add over 1 million customers consecutively. From the 1.63 million count, T-Mobile added 1.08 million postpaid customers. This is a number that has increased from last year's 817,000 postpaid customer adds. For prepaid customers, T-Mobile managed to add only 35,000; a number that has decreased from last year's 226,000 adds. The wireless provider blames this on the increased competition in the industry. With this quarter's additions, T-Mobile now has a total of 77.2 million customers. In addition to the new customers brought in this quarter, T-Mobile was also able to earn $8.1 billion service revenue and $10.8 billion total revenue. These two numbers have increased year over year. Compared to last year's Q3 net income, T-Mobile managed to increase it to $795 million this year. As for its network, T-Mobile was able to reach 324 million people with its 4G LTE coverage this quarter. The wireless provider expects this number to grow to 325 million before 2018 ends. In its earnings call, T-Mobile reported that it now owned a 31MHz nationwide average of 600MHz low-band spectrum. The wireless provider expects to clear spectrum coverage for 132 million people by the end of the year. They expect this number to grow to 265 million next year. In terms of its 5G network, T-Mobile reported that they are currently building it in six of the top 10 U.S. market cities. Among those cities include New York and Los Angeles. T-Mobile promises this network to be ready just in time for the launch of 2019's first 5G smartphone launch. A full nationwide 5G coverage has been set by T-Mobile for 2020.

Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.com

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