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T-Mobile Promises 5G Service Will Be Available on Metro by T-Mobile in 2019

Earlier today, Metro by T-Mobile unveiled its plan offering to the public. The new plans show a total of four options ranging from $30, $40, $50, and $60. The plans all include unlimited calls and texts and an accompanying monthly allotment for data usage. The two top tier plans also include Google One Cloud storage. The $60 plan, however, includes Amazon Prime subscription. You can read all about the new plans here. In addition to today's announcement, T-Mobile revealed that it plans to make 5G service available to its newly relaunched prepaid service. This means that when 5G service becomes available next year, it won't be limited to those under a "premium" carrier. At this point, there is no word on how the availability of 5G will affect Metro by T-Mobile's plans. But if sources are to be considered, this service could bring next-gen wireless experience at a low price. There is also a huge possibility that Metro by T-Mobile will be changing the limitations that are currently in place with their plans. There is no final update on when T-Mobile's 5G service will be available in the country. But if all signs are to be considered, it's likely that the service could be launched by next year.

Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.com


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