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Microsoft’s foldable Surface Phone project seems to be very much alive

Even though foldable phones routinely make the news, with two devices expected to be unveiled at some point in the coming months, Samsung and Huawei are hardly the only companies working on such technology. Microsoft is also developing a Surface Phone that might be even more exciting than what Samsung and Huawei are working on. That’s the mythical Surface Phone, or Andromeda, that keeps appearing in reports. A new finding proves that Microsoft hasn’t killed Andromeda, although that doesn’t mean a Surface Phone is coming soon.

Italian blog Aggiornamenti Lumia (AL) has an in-depth article on Microsoft’s Andromeda advancements, as the site discovered various Andromeda references in new language updates explicitly made for Andromeda OS (or Windows Core OS – WCOS).

These screenshots show the Andromeda name mentioned out in the wild in files that pretty much everyone could find, just as AL did.