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Sprint Raises its Price on its Highest Plan

Just over a month after the carrier introduced a more expensive unlimited pricing option, Sprint again raised the price of its most expensive unlimited plan with the introduction of its new “Unlimited Premium” pricing plan. The new plan essentially sits at the high end of its unlimited pricing options, above its recently introduced “Unlimited Plus” and “Unlimited Basic” plans.

Sprint’s new “Unlimited Premium” plan offers 50 GB of data and mobile hotspot before throttling, alongside subscriptions to Amazon Prime, Lookout Premium Plus, Hulu and music service Tidal. The company said customers will get full HD video streaming and international roaming.

Sprint’s new plan costs $90 for the first line, an additional $70 for a second line, an additional $50 for a third line, and a fourth and fifth line cost an additional $30. The carrier noted that customers can get a $10 discount per line if they bring their own device or buy a new one at full price.

Sprint’s pricing action is just the latest in a long series of unlimited pricing adjustments by the nation's top wireless carriers. Verizon kicked off the trend in June with its Above Unlimited plan, which costs fully $100 for one line of service and $240 for four lines of service. AT&T a week later followed with two new unlimited data plans called Unlimited &More and Unlimited &More Premium. And earlier this month T-Mobile moved in the opposite direction by introducing a less expensive version of its unlimited plan, Unlimited Essentials, offering four lines of no-frills service for $120.

Sprint itself in July launched a pair of new pricing options. Sprint’s “Unlimited Plus” plan costs $70 per month for one line of service or $180 for four lines of service, though customers can get a $20 per month discount on each line of service if they bring their own phone or buy one outright. Sprint’s Unlimited Plus plan includes 1080p video streaming, 15 GB of personal hotspot data, subscriptions to Hulu and Tidal, and other services. And Sprint’s “Unlimited Basic” plan costs $60 per month for one line of service or $140 for four lines of service, though it streams video at 480p resolution and only includes 500 MB of personal hotspot service. Hulu is included, but not Tidal.

Source: https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/sprint-again-raises-price-its-most-expensive-unlimited-plan

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