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According to a Study, 5G Won't Be Popular until 2021

As many people in the wireless business all ready know, LG and Sprint are at the brink of a merger in order to help commercial 5G technology take off as soon as possible. Many are expecting 5G connectivity to become the new normal in no more than a couple of years. However, according to Digitimes Research, they project mainstream adoption will be significantly slower original anticipated, with a mere one million 5G-enabled “end devices” likely to reach actual customers next year.

This includes smartphones, consumer premise equipment, and Wi-Fi devices, although by 2022, phones are tipped to achieve total 5G market domination, with a 97 percent share of global shipments.

Still, even four years down the line, 5G handsets are only expected to account for 18 percent of overall smartphone shipments around the world. That’s after a forecasted 2021 boost in “large-scale” numbers, and it would barely signify one in five phones sold worldwide being equipped with 5G capabilities.

The slow adoption and expansion of 5G speeds will presumably be caused by sluggish network upgrades and other limitations of an infrastructural nature, as well as the no doubt high costs associated with implementing the technology on low to mid-end devices.



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