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MetroPCS Launching New Promotions Tomorrow

According to a dealer channel document leaked on Reddit, T-Mobile's MetroPCS revising several of its promotions tomorrow, July 2. It looks like the new promotions starting tomorrow are:

Port a number to MetroPCS and get up to $150 off a new phone. Requires activation on the $50, $60 or 4 for $100 Unlimited plan.

Port a number to MetroPCS and get a free iPhone SE.Add a second line and get a second free iPhone SE. Requires activation on the $50, $60 or 4 for $100 Unlimited plan. Limit two free iPhone SE's per account.

Buy one iPhone SE and get a second iPhone SE free. Both phones must be activated on any MetroPCS. Both new customers and current customers upgrading to an iPhone SE are eligible.

Add a line to an existing MetroPCS account and get half off any Android phone priced at $180 or less. Limited to two upgrades per account.

Four lines of Unlimited for $100. Service is on the $50/month plan with video streaming throttled to 480p and no hotspot. Requires at least one port in. New and existing customers eligible.

Compared with Metro's current promos there's good news and bad news. The good news is that the popular 4 lines of unlimited for $100 offer is not ending. Also, the half off any Android phone and buy one iPhone SE, get a second one free offers appear to be new.

The bad news is that the offer that let you port one number, add three lines and get four free iPhone SE's or up to $150 off any other four phones is ending. It's replacement is limited to only two free iPhone SE's.

Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.com