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UNREAL Mobile Launches With $10/Month Unlimited Voice, Messaging and Data Plan

UNREAL Mobile, a spin-off from freemium MVNO FreedomPop, officially launched today. UNREAL offers plans starting at $10/month, all of which include unlimited voice, messaging and data, with varying amounts of high speed data. The $10 plan comes with 1 GB of high speed data. A plan with 2 GB is $15 and a 5 GB plan is available for $30/per month. If users go over their high speed data allotment, they get unlimited data at reduced speeds for the rest of the month, or they can change tp a plan with more data on demand. Unused high speed data can be rolled over or gifted to another user. Using your phone as a hotspot is supported. Service is on the Sprint network. Unlike FreedomPop, where calling uses VoIP and messaging requires a proprietary app, UNREAL offers normal circuit switched cellular calls and carrier SMS and MMS messaging. A free UNREAL VPN, ad-blocking and VoIP over WiFi app app is included with every plan. The app can also be used for VoIP calling and OTT messaging with your UNREAL number on additional devices like tablets, iPads or second phones. UNREAL Mobile, which soft launched last month, says it has received over 50,000 Beta registrations and has deals to be sold at Amazon, Groupon, Walmart.com and Target as well as at unrealmobile.com. Consumers can use their own Sprint CDMA phone or purchase a phone from UNREAL Mobile. Phone prices start at $49 for an Alcatel Dawn Android smartphone. A pre-owned Samsung Galaxy S6 is $149, and a pre-owned Apple iPhone 7s 32 GB is $299. $10/month is an unbeatable price for unlimited talk and text and 1 GB of data. UNREAL's closest competitor is Tello, another Sprint MVNO, which charges $14/month for unlimited talk, text and data with the first 1 GB at high speeds. Regarding UNREAL Mobile's connection with FreedomPop, an UNREAL Mobile spokesperson told me that "UNREAL Mobile, while a spin-off, is a completely separate company with a different strategy that targets its own market segment. UNREAL has a different culture and a different approach to wireless service. The two companies will continue to operate separately."

Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.Com

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