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FreedomPop to Launch "UNREAL Mobile" With Unlimited Plans Starting at $15/Month

Sprint and T-Mobile have finally sealed the deal to merge and virtual network provider FreedomPop sees an opportunity. The budget MVNO, which has traditionally operated across Sprint's wireless network, on Wednesday unveiled its new Unreal Mobile service. According to the company, the new carrier is aimed squarely at premium customers.

Currently FreedomPop's plans are geared towards budget and value-oriented subscribers. Unreal Mobile, however, will be "a full service premium product" designed to lure away regular users of Sprint and T-Mobile. Plans are expected to start at $15 per month to access 4G LTE data. The service is expected to roll out by early summer of 2018.

Right now though there are no details on how much data comes with your subscription. It's also not clear whether the Unreal Mobile virtual network will also have access to T-Mobile's 4G LTE data infrastructure. FreedomPop did not immediately respond to a request for further comment.

Source: CNet.com

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