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ROK Mobile Dealer Promo Offers $60/Month Unlimited Verizon Plan

ROK Mobile, an MVNO that operates under the networks of Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T, is currently offering a discount on its plans. The promotion runs from April 4th and lasts until May 31st. You can save money on your plan purchase. Under the promotion, the prices for ROK Mobile's dealer only plans become: ROK BLUE (GSM) Plans:

  • 1GB for $20/month (regular: $20/month for 500MB)

  • 4GB for $30/month (regular: $30/month for 2GB)

  • 8GB for $40/month (regular: $40/month for 6GB)

  • 10GB for $60/month (unchanged)

ROK YELLOW (Sprint-CDMA) Plans:

  • 4GB for $30/month (unchanged)

  • 8GB for $40/month (unchanged)

  • Unlimited for $50/month (unchanged)

ROK RED (Other CDMA) Plans:

  • 3GB for $35/month (unchanged)

  • 7GB for $45/month (unchanged)

  • 10GB for $55/month (unchanged)

  • Unlimited for $60/month (instead of the regular $75/month)

ROK Mobile's plans include unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data. Customers who have previously purchased the $75 ROK Red plan will be migrated to the $60 plan automatically.

Another advantage is that if you activate the $60 ROK Red plan during the promo period, you can keep the plan at that rate as long as you remain as an active customer.

Again, the promotion runs until May 31st only. It is available at ROK dealers only and not online.

Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.com


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