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Leaked Images: MetroPCS May Launch Standalone Mobile Hotspot Data Plan

It looks like T-Mobile's MetroPCS is brewing something up for its customers. As shared by a Howard Forums member named MrLaserman, a local MetroPCS store gave him a flyer for a mobile hotspot data plan. According to the local store, they can already start offering the plan by Monday, January 22nd. If this proves to be true, this will be exciting for MetroPCS customers and those who are looking for more options for a mobile hotspot plan. Apart from having more options, MetroPCS levels the field with the price of their mobile hotspot data plan. The flyer shows that MetroPCS' mobile hotspot data plan is priced at $35 per month and includes 10GB of LTE data. If you require more data, you can top-up your plan with additional data at these prices:

  • 2GB - $5

  • 4GB - $10

  • 6GB - $15

Moreover, the device can connect up to 15 devices at the same time. MetroPCS' first standalone mobile hotspot and mobile broadband plan at $35 per month for 10GB of LTE data makes a very good option for those who need to stay connected. As a comparison, your other options include the following:

  • AT&T GoPhone Mobile Broadband with 2GB of data at $25 per month

  • H2O Bolt with 10GB at $50 per month

  • Net10 Wireless with 2.5GB at $30 per month

  • FreedomPop GSM LTE with 4GB at $43.99 per month

  • Data Jack with 2GB at $29.99 per month

  • Boost Mobile with 10GB at $50 per month

  • NetZero Mobile Broadband with 2GB at $32.95 per month

  • T-Mobile Prepaid Mobile Internet with 3GB at $30 per month

  • Verizon Prepaid Mobile Broadband with 1GB at $20 per month

  • Straight Talk with 1GB at $15 per month

You can check the other prepaid mobile broadband plans available to see if MetroPCS' first standalone mobile hotspot and mobile broadband plan is the right choice for you.

This mobile hotspot data plan will be available starting January 22nd.

Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.com


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