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MVNO Spotlight: ROK Mobile "Updated"

ROK Mobile is a No Contract MVNO that operates on the Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T Network. Rok Mobile has managed to bring some amazing plans on all three networks. Their $50 unlimited plan on the Verizon network outshines any of it's competitors. The $45 Unlimited Plan on the Sprint Network does the same, even out shinning Boost Mobile who is owned by Sprint. On the AT&T Network they are the current top dog when it comes to data offering for their customers! Make sure to check out all of their plans at www.rokmobile.com.

On top of providing some amazing plans, ROK Mobile also has a pretty amazing handset program. They currently offer Free phones on both the Verizon and Sprint networks. Please make sure to check with your master agent as some masters participate in the handset program and others don't. International Long Distance has just been added to their Sprint plans, with Verizon and AT&T plans coming soon. All of their plans qualify to access their 20 million+ WiFi hotspots nationwide, enabling all of their customers to automatically switch over to WiFi when accessible to save them on data.

I know so far so good, but it gets better. ROK Mobile currently offers some of the highest spiffs in the market. Their instant Spiff program makes it easy for any dealer to activate and keeps them cash flow heavy which is always a great thing. They lack on the airtime refill rates currently at 5% discount but they make up for it with their 4% residual to the dealer.

Overall, ROK Mobile is a must in any multi carrier. They have far outshined many MVNOs in this space and are giving the current top dogs a run for their money. When a company can compete with Boost Mobile in this space then you know there is something here.


- On 3 major networks

- Best plans on all 3 networks

- $50 unlimited plan on Verizon Network is amazing

- Up To 4% follow me residual for dealer

- Plans as low as $20

- Bring Your Own Device program

- Highest Spiffs in the market

- You dictate the pricing of your handsets not the carrier

- Super aggressive Rok Mobile Phone Program

- 20 Million WiFi hotspots with the plan


- Not a national brand yet

- No 3G activations on Verizon Network

- Uses Verizons Prepaid Network not their Post Paid

- Open proximity, someone can sell Rok Mobile across the street from you

- Rok Mobile phones are very limited

- No international long distance programs on Verizon or AT&T Networks

Check out our Rok Mobile master agent list here

Sound off below with any thoughts

Julio Castro

Wireless Dealer Group


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