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U.S. Cellular Increases Data to 6GB on $45 Simple Connect

The largest regional operator U.S. Cellular has improved the $45 prepaid plan. The carrier is now offering more data, 6 GB instead of previous 5 GB. U.S. Cellular increases data only on this plan while the rest of the prepaid plan offerings remain unchanged.

The $45 plan is included in both U.S. Cellular prepaid brands, Simple Connect and Ready Connect. In fact, all prepaid plans on these two brands match. But there are some things that vary like their availability, phone selection and fact that Ready Connect customers have autopayoption. On Ready Connect $45 plan, customers receive a $5 per month discount if they sing in to autopay. On the $70 unlimited plan users get $10 off each month.

After this change, the U.S. Cellular Simple Connect and Ready Connect plans look like this:

  • $25 feature phone plan – unlimited talk, text and 3¢/MB of data

  • $35 smartphone plan – unlimited talk, text and data with 1 GB at high speed

  • $45 smartphone plan – unlimited talk, text and data with 6 GB at high speed (was 5 GB)

  • $70 smartphone plan – unlimited talk, text and high speed datawith video streaming limited to up to 1.5Mbps and throttled data speeds that automatically apply when 22GB of usage is reached in a month

All smartphone plans additionally include unlimited international textand mobile hotspot. With autopay, the $45/6GB plan on Ready Connect is available for $40 while $70 unlimited data plan will be $60 per month with autopay. Simple Connect users are not eligible for autopay discounts.

On both Simple Connect and Ready Connect prepaid plans, customers can also add unlimited talk and text to Mexico for additional $5 per month, Mexico and Canada for $10 or just Canada for $5.99. Moreover, customers on the $35 and $45 plans can pay extra $5 for MyData Vault in order to extend unused data usage for another monthly cycle. Data on MyData Vault will be used only after plan’s regular data allotment is used up. After that, if not used, data will expire.

U.S. Cellular includes voice and text roaming at no extra cost and US-based customer support.

Source: PrepaidMobilePhoneReviews.com


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