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Cricket Wireless Rumored to be Ending 5 Lines For $100

There are a couple of rumors about Cricket Wireless floating around of the web lately. Neither of these have been officially confirmed so take everything in this post with a big grain of salt. The first and bigger rumor is that Cricket may be changing or even ending its 5 lines for $100/month deal. Currently if you activate five lines of Cricket's $40/month plan on a single account the price after Cricket's Friends and Family Group Save Discount is $100/month, taxes included. The way the discount works is you get $10 off the 2nd line, $20 off the 3rd, $30 off the 4th and $40 off the 5th line. That'a a total of $100 off for five lines. The Group Save discount applies to Cricket plans priced at $40 and up. All lines don't have to be on the same plan, so four lines on the $40 plan and the fifth on the $60 unlimited plan would cost $120/month. The rumor seems to have started with a video from YouTube vlogger Magic Tech Review, who used to work for Cricket. In the video, he says that Cricket has told its dealers to take down all "5 Lines For $100" signs by October 22. He goes on to speculate this means that Cricket is going to change or eliminate the Group Save Discount. Terminalblue, a redditor who appears to be a Cricket or Cricket dealer employee, and has a good track record for revealing Cricket changes before they are announced, has confirmed that Cricket is asking that 5 Lines for $100 signs be removed. He says that other than the sign removal nothing else has been announced by Cricket. Cricket has a history of grandfathering customers on discontinued promotions, so if Group Save appeals to you I recommend signing up before the 22nd in case it gets axed. The second rumor is pretty much a nothing burger. Supposedly, starting tomorrow, Oct 8, customers on the $60 unlimited plan will be able to add 8 GB of mobile hotspot for $10/month. Currently, only the $50 unlimited plan is eligible for the hotspot add-on, which only works with iPhones and some Cricket phones. According to another video from Magic Tech Review, the phones allowed to officially hotspot on Cricket will be even more limited, with only the LG X Charge, the unreleased ZTE Blade X and iPhone 5s and newer being supported. I have no idea why the supported phones for hotspot would be different depending on plan. It makes no sense, but neither does charging customers extra to use their data the way they wish. Confirmed 10/8/2017: $10 hotspot is now available to $60 unlimited plan users. Eligible phones are the iPhone 5s and newer, LG X Charge. ZTE Prelude+, ZTE Elate and the ZTE Fanfare 2.

Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.com


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