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Boost Mobile Teases "Something Big" Coming Soon. Here's What We Think it is

Boost Mobile customers received texts from Boost today today reading, "You're hearing it here 1st! Boost is flipping the switch on something big for our customers on Sept. 8th! Save every month. Better yet, you don't have to do a thing. Just a thank you from us! Check it out at http://msg4u.us/Qh22U". Clicking the link takes you to a page with the graphic above. When I saw "something big" my first thought was Samsung Note 8. Bringing Samsung's latest outsized flagship to Boost would perhaps cause a little buzz but I can't imagine Boost would sell many of the $930 phones. But a new phone release didn't fit the "...you don't have to do a thing" part of the of the text. So maybe a price cut or more or faster data? I really had no clue. Fortunately a reader with better detective skills than me found some clues in Boost's teaser web page. The first clue is that the URL in the text is a shortened url that redirects to a longer URL that includes the string TaxesIncTeaser. Secondly, if you're using the Chrome desktop browser, right click at the top on the orange background of the image on the teaser page and choose Inspect to view the page's generated source code and you will see in the code, div id="taxes-included". While it's possible that some web designer at Boost is misdirecting us, I think Boost is going to take a page from competitors Cricket and MetroPCS and start including all taxes in the plan prices. Depending on where you live, not having to pay taxes can amount to a substantial savings. In parts of California, the MTS tax on prepaid airtime can be as high as 19.6% and taxes in many jurisdictions around the country are nearly 10%. Including taxes makes a lot of sense, especially in the dealer channel where "taxes included" is a strong selling point for MetroPCS and Cricket dealers in high tax markets.


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