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Boost Mobile to Match MetroPCS' $25 Add a Line Offer.

Sprint announced to today that, for a "limited time" beginning August 22, customers will be able to add additional lines to their Boost Mobileaccounts for $25 per month, per line. The promotion applies to either of Boost's current plans, which are:

  • $35/month / 3 Gigs of LTE: which includes unlimited talk, text and data, The first 3 GB of data is at up to LTE speeds, the rest at 2G (approximately 128 kbps) speeds.

  • $50/month / Unlimited Gigs: includes unlimited talk, text and data at up to LTE speeds. Video streams at up to 480p+ resolution, music at up to 500 kbps, streaming cloud gaming at up to 2 mbps. Data deprioritization applies after 23 GB when the network is congested.

Both plans include 50 minutes of off network voice roaming and free automated 411 directory assistance. All lines must be on the same plan. Customers who add lines during the promotion will be able to keep the $25 per line pricing after the promotion ends. The promotional prices for multiple lines are:

  • $35 plan: two lines $60, three lines $85, four lines $110, five lines $135

  • $50 plan: two lines $75, three lines $100, four lines $125, five lines $150

With this promotion, Boost is matching the Two Lines of Unlimited for $75 and $25 Add a Line promotions that T-Mobile's MetroPCS launched a week ago. Although the new Boost promotion is a good deal, if you have four (or five lines) that you want to bring to Boost, the 4 Lines of Unlimited Gigs For $100 (or 5 lines for $125) promo that Boost is currently running is a better deal. It's supposed to be available through September 7, but Boost has a history of cancelling promotions early, so if you want four lines for $100 or five for $125 I recommend signing up for that deal ASAP.

Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.com

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