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Rok Mobile Increases Data On All Sprint Plans, Offers $49 Promotional Plan

Verizon and Sprint MVNO Rok Mobile has improved its Sprint-based plans shortly after introducing them. Rok Mobile increases data on all Sprint plans. The $20 plan goes from 500 MB of high speed data to 1GB (hard capped). The $30 plan now has 3GB of high speed data instead of 1GB. The $40 plan has received 2GB of additional data, having now 5GB instead of previous 3GB and $50 plan has 8GB instead of 5GB.

Promotional $49/3GB Rok Super Plan

In addition, Rok Mobile introduces a new promotional plan, Sprint compatible. The plan is called the Rok Super Plan and includes unlimited talk, text and data with 3GB at high speed. For $49 per month, this plan also offers family roadside assistance and telemedicine, pharmacy savings, accidental death insurance, insurance for burial and cremation, ID theft, family legal services, and WiFi Calling App. Promotional $49/3GB Super Plan is available until August 31, 2017.

Rok Mobile Plans

After the latest change, Rok Mobile plans offer:

  • $20 Sprint-based plan – unlimited talk and text, 1 GB of hard capped data (was 500MB data)

  • $30 Sprint-based plan – unlimited talk, text and data with first 3 GBat 4G LTE speed (was 1 GB data)

  • $40 Sprint-based plan – unlimited talk, text and data with first 5 GBat 4G LTE speed (was 3 GB data)

  • $50 Sprint-based plan – unlimited talk, text and data with first 8 GBat 4G LTE speed, Premium Life plan (was 5 GB data)

  • $50 Verizon-based plan – unlimited talk and text, 5GB of 4G LTE hard capped data, Premium Life plan – unchanged

All above listed plans also include roadside assistance. By downloading the MyROK app, users automatically connect to more than 30 million WiFi hotspots. Also through this app, customers can manage their account, view data usage and expiration date, add more data, pay the bill and more.

Source: PrepaidMobilePhoneReviews.com

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