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H2O Wireless Throttling All High Speed Data to 8 Mbps

AT&T MVNO H2O Wireless has started throttling the "high speed" data on all its plans to 8 mbps for LTE connections and 4 mbps for HSPA+. The change, which was first noticed by a few HowardForums members on Sunday, has been confirmed by a change H2O made to their Terms and Conditions page. Sometime in the last few days, H2O added the sentence; Download speeds max of 8Mbps (LTE)/4Mbps (4G). to Section 16. Data Service and Charges of their T&C's. 8 mbps is not really slow, in fact it's fast enough for HD video streaming, although just barely. AT&T's own Cricket brand has been throttling LTE to 8 mbps and HSPA+ to 4 mbps ever since AT&T acquired Cricket in 2013 and most Cricket users seem satisfied with the speed. Of course, if you routinely download massive files like feature length films or PC OS iso's it's going to take a lot longer at 8 mbps than at the up to 100 mbps the un-throttled AT&T LTE network is capable of. But H2O plans do not include unlimited high speed data. The top plan provides 10 GB of high speed data for $60/month so downloading lots of huge files on H2O has never been practical or cost effective. The carriers appear to be testing the waters with high speed data throttling using things like Cricket and H2O's 8 mbps throttle, AT&T's 3 mbps prepaid and postpaid unlimited data plans and Verizon's 5 mbps MVNO data throttle. I expect we will be seeing more operators adopt the practice of throttling high speed data, especially of lower cost plans like H2O's, but also on unlimited data plans. Operators clearlybelieve that when data speeds are throttled, customers use less data, and they probably have the data to prove it. Slower data changes user behaviour. If your 4K video stutters and HD doesn't, which will you watch? If OS updates take forever when using your mobile hotspot, but fly on your 100 mbps home WiFi connection, you'll wait to get home to update. I think someday mobile will switch from a quantity based model for selling capped high speed data to an unlimited data model where customers pay more for faster data like wired broadband already does.

Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.com

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