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Lycamobile Adds New Family Plan and Unlimited 4G LTE Data to $55 Plan

T-Mobile MVNO Lycamobile USA has introduced a new family plan and data increase on couple of its prepaid monthly plans. Lycamobile adds new family plan with up to five lines that requires signing in to $45 plan. In addition, the carrier increases data allotment on the $55 plan from 10GB of 4G LTE data to unlimited 4G LTE. The $35 plan also now offers 4GB of high speed data instead of the previous 2GB.

New LycaFamily Plan

Each Lycamobile Family Plan member receives unlimited talk, text and data with 5GB at high speed plus unlimited calling and texting to more than 30 countries. All lines are discounted except the primary line. The second line is available for $35, which is $10 discount. The third can be added for $25 or $20 off while fourth line is $15 or $30 off. And finally the fifth line can be activated for $5, which is $40 discount. If all five lines are activated, family gets each line for $25.

New LycaFamily Plan requires at least one child to be added as a member. Therefore, customers can take advantage of current limited time offer and get up to four free SIMs for child users.

Currently, new LycaFamily Plan is available only to new customers. However, on its website, carrier notes that existing Lyca customers will be able to switch to the new family plan as well soon.

Improved Lycamobile plans

The carrier has added more high speed data to the $35 plan, which is an increase from 2GB of 4G LTE to 4GB. Also, the $55 plan now comes with unlimited 4G LTE data instead of previous 10 GB of high speed data. After the change, these two Lycamobile plans include:

  • $35 plan – unlimited talk, text and data with first 4 GB at up to 4G LTE speeds (was 2GB), unlimited international text and unlimited calls to 30+ countries

  • $55 plan – unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data (was 10 GB at 4G LTE speeds)

The $35 plan used to offer promotional 4GB of high speed data but now this offer has become permanent. That wasn’t the case with the $45 plan and its promotional 10 GB of data (regular 5GB).

Lycamobile’s $55 unlimited 4G LTE plan competes to MetroPCS’ $60 unlimited 4G LTE plan. However, those who want to switch to AT&T’s network can go for Cricket’s $60 ($55 with autopay) unlimited 4G LTE plan, although, Cricket’s LTE is limited to 8Mbps.

source: prepaidmobilephonenews.com

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