Tello Launches New Father's Day Promo

Fresh from celebrating its first birthday just a little more than a month ago, Tello is introducing a new promotional deal just in time for this year’s Father’s Day. For its first anniversary special offer, the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) had offered generous discounts for its customers. This time around for Father’s Day, the carrier is offering no less than a hundred Alcatel OneTouch Fling devices, absolutely free of charge, to any customer who decides to avail of an unlimited talk & text plan between June 13th and June 15th. Interested parties need to be reminded that this deal is strictly limited to only 100 free units of the OneTouch Fling handset (which could make for a pretty neat Father’s Day present), so they better start using the code DAD2017 at checkout. So how do customers go about availing of this Father’s Day deal? All they need to do really is launch a new account for their father. Then they will need to add the talk & text only plan (which costs $18 a month), plus the free OneTouch Fling handset. If the coupon has not already been applied, customers will have to key in the code DAD2017 at checkout in order to take full advantage of the one hundred percent discount for the Alcatel device. For those not familiar with Alcatel’s OneTouch Fling device, it is one of the more recent flip phones that hit the United States mobile market in the last few years. Dads may find the QWERTY keyboard (plus large buttons) endearingly charming in an old school kind of way, while other simple features such as a 2 megapixel camera, video recording capabilities, music player, and Bluetooth connectivity may prove handy and easy to use. Last month, Tello had hinted that it was preparing a “100 percent free surprise” and it is not clear yet if this Father’s Day special offer is that surprise, or something separate altogether. Still, it does not hurt to avail of this Alcatel OneTouch deal, and besides, when you are doing it for your old man, it is surely worth it. For those still familiarizing themselves with Tello and its services, the mobile operator is basically an MVNO that leases network capacity from Sprint, the fourth biggest wireless carrier in the US. Officially started last year, the company branded itself with a “No Fees, Whatsoever” slogan, and to the delight of its customers, the carrier has mostly stuck to that particular kind of branding, veering away from charging activation fees, overage fees, and processing fees. More importantly for the customers, with Tello they get a chance to create a wireless plan perfectly suited to their exact mobile needs


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