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Straight Talk Plans Receive More Data and New $35/2GB Option

TracFone’s subsidiary Straight Talk Wireless has improved its prepaid plan offerings. Carrier has ones again launched the new $35/ 2GB plan. Back in April, the $35 plan has appeared on the Straight Talk’s website but only for a while. However, this time, not only that a new $35/ 2GB plan is back and official but also the rest of the Straight Talk plans now come with more data without a price change. The $45 and $60 unlimited plans now offer 8 GB of high speed data instead of 5 GB. In addition, the $55 plan that used to have 10 GB of high speed data now includes 2 GB more.

New and Improved Straight Talk Plans

After the latest change, Straight Talk plans, basic and smartphone, look like this:

  • $30 basic phone plan –1500 voice minutes, unlimited texts and 100MB of data; enrolling in auto pay earns 50% more data each month

  • $35 smartphone plan – unlimited talk, text and data with first 2GB at high speed (new)

  • $45 smartphone plan – unlimited talk, text and data with first 8 GB at high speed (was 5GB)

  • $55 smartphone plan – unlimited talk, text and data with first 12 GB at high speed (was 10GB)

  • $60 smartphone international plan – unlimited talk, text and data with first 8 GB at high-speeds (was 5 GB) as well as unlimited mobile to mobile calling to Mexico, China, India and Canada and unlimited calls to select international landline destinations

When high speed data allotment is used up within a month, data speeds are throttled to up to 64Kbps for the rest of the monthly cycle. All smartphone plans are also $1 cheaper per month if users choose to refill their airtime automatically.

This wasn’t the only time (April this year) that a new Straight Talk $35 unlimited plan was meant to be released. Back in November 2014, the plan was spotted at Walmart store but it never came alive. Then, for $35, users were going to get 500 MB of high speed data. At the time, the $45 plan was offering only 3GB at high speed.


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