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C Spire targets businesses with new unlimited-data plans

C Spire is targeting the enterprise market with new unlimited-data plans for businesses.

The Ridgeland, Mississippi-based company launched all-you-can-eat plans starting at $70 each for the first and second lines, with as many as six more lines for $20 each. The offering is available for new lines on the carrier’s monthly device payment plan as well as phones purchased without a contract.

Like other carriers, C Spire’s so-called unlimited plan comes with a significant restriction: The company said it may slow data speeds “to protect its network and other users’ experience” for users who surpass 25 GB of data in a month.

C Spire’s new plan for businesses underscores the stampede among carriers joining the unlimited-data bandwagon. T-Mobile and Sprint launched the first salvos last August when they introduced so-called unlimited data plans, sparking a war between the nation’s largest carriers that has escalated significantly in recent months.

Verizon finally joined the battle several weeks ago in a move that marked a significant about-face in strategy, and AT&T said just a few days later that it was expanding its unlimited offering to all customers after limiting it exclusively to subscribers of its DirecTV service. And AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint extended unlimited-data plans to their prepaid customers in March.

Meanwhile, C Spire continues to map out its pursuit of 5G as it expands its network footprint. The carrier recently filed an application with the FCC for Special Temporary Authority to test and demonstrate 5G millimeter wave communication equipment with Phazr at its corporate headquarters, and last month it announced the addition of 700 MHz or 850 MHz MHz of low-band spectrum to more than 900 cell sites, further extending its coverage over longer distances and inside offices, commercial buildings and homes.

sourve: fiercewireless.com

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