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Ultra Mobile Adds New Ultra Flex Plans, Univision Mobile Shuts Down In July

T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile and its brand Univision Mobile have shared some news with its prepaid customers recently. While Ultra Mobile adds new Ultra Flex Plans for individual users and for families, unfortunately, its sister company Univision Mobile shuts down its operations soon.

Ultra Flex Plans

Ultra Mobile adds new set of plans for single users and families in addition to their regular monthly plan offerings. For individual users, Ultra Flex Plan offers:

  • $21/month – unlimited talk and global text, 250 MB of 4G LTE data and unlimited international talk to 10 destinations

Data on this plan roll over to the next month until used. Customers can add more data, $5/500MB, $10/1GB, $20/2GB, $45/5GB and $80/10GB, that also roll over. Moreover, users can save additionally by purchasing more months of service. For two months on this plan, users would pay $16.50 per month (total $33), for three months $14 (total $42) and for four months and more $11.50 per month (total $46).

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source: prepaidmobilephonereviews.com

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