Report claims Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 will be brought back to life in June

Samsung confirmed earlier this year that it is working to revive the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7. Again. As we’re sure we don’t need to remind you, last year’s flagship Galaxy Note phone was released to plenty of acclaim from reviewers and users alike. Then, phones started exploding while being charged. After that, phones started exploding while in use. One Note 7 explosion set a man’s Jeep on fire, while another burned down a family’s house. Samsung was forced to recall the device, but the company resumed sales when it thought it had determined the cause of the fires.

Of course, Samsung was wrong. Note 7 phones kept exploding, and the South Korean electronics giant had no choice but to recall it again and discontinue it completely. Now, like a little glass and metal phoenix, the Note 7 is set to rise from the ashes — and a report out of Asia offers new details surrounding the refurbished Galaxy Note 7’s release.

According to a new report on Wednesday from ET News, Samsung will bring the Galaxy Note 7 back to life next month. June is already set to be a busy month, with new iPads expected from Apple and new smartphones launching from HTC and Motorola. It looks like the Galaxy Note 7R can now be added to the list, only it won’t be called the Galaxy Note 7R. According to the report, it’ll be called the “Galaxy Note FE.”

Wondering what “FE” stands for? We were too, and we had a few different guesses. We thought our own Chris Smith had nailed it with “Galaxy Note Fire & Explosions,” but according to ET News it actually stands for “Galaxy Note Fandom Edition.” To be honest, eager Samsung fans probably won’t care either way. People are surprisingly excited for a new opportunity to get their hands on Samsung’s most impressive Galaxy Note ever at a fraction of its original price, and this time around Samsung has taken steps to help prevent a third recall due to spontaneous explosions.

In terms of specs, the Galaxy Note FE is expected to be exactly the same as the original Galaxy Note 7, only it’ll feature a smaller 3,200 mAh battery. By reducing the battery capacity from 3,500 mAh and spreading out the components within the battery, Samsung is apparently confident that phones won’t explode anymore.


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