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New US Mobile Plans - More Minutes, Texts and Data for Less Money

As per USMobile.com:

We’re happy to announce that our prices just got even better. A whole lot better!

So what has changed? First of all, we’ve increased our minutes and text messages but kept the same prices. The biggest part of a phone bill these days is, however, data and that’s where we have made the biggest improvements. 250 MB has become 300 MB, 2.5 GB is now 4 GB and we’ve introduced the killer data plan: 10 GB for $30 – that’s $3 per gigabyte!

This means that our existing customers can enjoy more for the same price or simply a better price for the same amount of talk, text or data. Let’s say you had a plan consisting of 250 text, 250 min, and 2.5 GB data. Now you get an extra 50 texts, 50 minutes and 500 MB for $28 month. 6 GB used to be $35 and is now only $25 and for five more bucks you get 10 GB, perfect for all of you who like to stream music, TV-series, and movies!

New Pricing And Plans

Customize your mobile plan by choosing the talk, text, and data you need. All plans come with a 30-day risk free trial.

As always, all our plans are prepaid and on a no-contract basis.

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