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SpeedTalk Wireless Launches Verizon Network Service

T-Mobile MVNO SpeedTalk Mobile has started offering service on the Verizon Network. SpeedTalk is launching their new Verizon service in an unconventional way with "Flash" promotions that are advertised on defunct Sprint MVNO's RingPlus' user forum. There are two Verizon based promotions:

  • The Starter Plan - $5.99/month for 50 minutes of voice, 100 SMS or MMS and pay as you go data at 2¢/MB. Overage minutes and texts are also 2¢ each. There's a mandatory $19.99 auto top at activation and anytime the user's balance drops below $2. This promotion is on now and will only be available until 10 AM PT Tuesday April 18.

  • The Quality Plan - $19.99/month for unlimited talk and messaging and 1000 MB of data. Overage data is 3¢/MB and there's a mandatory $5 auto top-up at activation and whenever the user's balance falls below $2. This promotional plan will be available From 11 AM PT Sunday April 16 until 11 PM PT Monday April 17.

There's also a promotional plan on the T-Mobile network:

  • The Hello Plan - $2.99 for 100 minutes, 100 MMS or SMS and 100 MB of data. Overage rate is 5¢ per minute, message or MB. There's a mandatory $9.99 auto top at activation and anytime the user's balance drops below $2. This promotion is available from 9 AM to 10 PM PT Monday April 16 only.

Monthly plan charges and overages are deducted from the user's top up balance. Because an auto-top occurs when the balance goes below $2, there's no way to spend that last $2 dollars. Consider it a $2 activation fee. Flash promos and mandatory top-ups were a big part of RingPlus' business model when they were actually in business. I have to wonder why SpeedTalk Mobile would want to associate itself with a failed business, especially one where customers lost the money they paid for mandatory auto top-ups, and in some cases $100 "lifetime" memberships, when it went under. If it makes you feel better, a RingPlus representative on the forum says that RingPlus is only providing a place for SpeedTalk to advertise its plans and is not involved in SpeedTalk's actual business. These promotions are pretty good deals if the included minutes, messages and data meet you needs and you are disiplined enough to watch your usage carefully to avoid getting hit with lots of overage charges.

Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.com

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