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Verizon Prepaid Offers New International Calling Options

Along with changing its prepaid plan lineup recently, Verizon Wireless changed its International Calling options, too. Customers can no longer add $10/1000 minute add-on for calling Mexico and Canada to plans. However, Verizon Prepaid offers new International Calling options that start at $5 for calling Mexico and Canada and over 230 destinations for as low as $0.05/min rate.

Verizon Prepaid International Calling Plans

International Calling plans named ‘Unlimited Together’ that customers can add to the $30 basic and $40, $50 or $70 prepaid smartphone plans, are like those for postpaid customers and include a couple of options:

$5/month Unlimited Together – North America

  • Unlimited talk to Mexico and Canada

  • Calling more than 230 destinations for a low $0.05/min rate

$15/month Unlimited Together – World

  • Unlimited calling to landline and mobile phones to over 40 destinations (Mexico and Canada included)

  • Calling more than 230 destinations for a low $0.05/min rate

The $70 plan already includes unlimited talk to Mexico and Canada and unlimited text from the U.S. to over 200 countries in addition to unlimited talk, text and data with 10GB at high speed. The $40 and $50 plans offer only unlimited texting to over 200 countries plus unlimited domestic talk, text and data with 2GB and 5GB at high speed, respectively. To these two plans, customers can no longer add $10/1000 minute add-on for Calling Mexico and Canada according to Verizon’s prepaid international calling FAQS page but those who are already having it can continue to use it.

Ones users add these international plans to their account, they will renew automatically. If users no longer want the plan to renew, they must remove it from their account.

Customers can also choose a standard Pay Per Minute rates for calling international countries: Mexico landline numbers for $0.35/minute, Mexico wireless, Canada, Guam, US Virgin Islands and North Marina Island for $0.54/minute and other locations at a rather high rate, $1.74 per minute.

Verizon Prepaid International Texting and Roaming Options

Customers can send messages to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico at rates that depend on plan selected. To send or receive message to other destinations, customers will be charged $0.25 per message.

While in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands, customers can roam at $0.69 per minute and $0.50 per message sent and $0.05 per message received.


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