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Selectel to Discontinue $100 Annual Plan

I just heard from a Selectel Wireless dealer that the Verizon MVNO will be discontinuing its $100 annual plan for LTE capable phones effective April 1, 2017. Current users are grandfathered and can keep the plan if they are already on it as of April 1. I don't think the $100 plan was very popular. It includes 2000 minutes, 2000 messages and a minuscule 2.5 MB of data which can only be used for MMS. If you ran out of minutes texts or data before your year was up there was no way to add more. Selectel's other annual plan, the $75/year plan for non-LTE capable phones, is not affected. It offers the same 2000 minutes and 2000 texts as the $100 plan but does not include any data. But unlike the discontinued $100 plan, 5¢/MB data can be added by purchasing a $10 Flex Card. The Flex Card can also used to add more minutes or texts at 5¢ per minute or text. While I don't think many will miss the $100 plan, this is the second takeaway in less than a week by Selectel. On Tuesday Selectel announced that it was eliminating free voice roaming on all plans. Hopefully the elimination of the $100 plan is the first step in a badly needed revamp of Selectel's plan lineup.

Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.Com

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