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Karma Launches New DRIFT Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband Plan

Sprint mobile broadband MVNO Karma Mobility has launched a new pay as you go plan. The plan is called the DRIFT plan and costs $3 per month plus $10 per GB of data used. As with Project Fi and Republic Wireless' discontinued Republic Refunds plans, DRIFT customers get credit back for any unused data at the end of each month. Karma requires customers to purchase a $99 (plus $12.95 shipping) Karma Go hotspot to use the service. They do not allow you to use your own Sprint compatible hotspot or phone. The Go Hotspot allows up to 8 devices to connect and supports Sprint's tri-band LTE with fallback to 3G. Like other Karma plans, DRIFT has a data sharing feature. Karma hotspots broadcast a public SSID that anyone within range can connect to, enter an email address and get 100 MB of data for free with an option to buy more data. This is secure because the public SSID is isolated from the hotspot owner's connection. Guest users can't see the hotspot owner's data, devices or files. DRIFT customers get $1 when someone new connects to their hotspot, and their own data is free as long for as a guest is connected. In addition to the DRIFT pay as you go plan, Karma still offers the following PULSE monthly plans:

  • $9.99/month - 1 GB

  • $39.99/month - 5 GB

  • $79.99/month - 10 GB

  • $99.99/month - 20 GB

  • $149.99/month - 50 GB

Unlike the DRIFT plan where you only pay for the amount of data you actually use (plus the $3 monthly fee), data on PULSE is use it or lose it.

It also looks like Karma's REFUEL plan is no longer available to new users. REFUEL let you buy data that never expired for $15 per GB with no monthly line fee.

Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.com

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