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Virgin Mobile's $60/month Data Love Unlimited Plan Does Not Include HD Streaming

A new $60 monthly data plan has been unveiled by Virgin Mobile. According to the announcement, the new plan includes unlimited 4G LTE , unlimited talk and text, and unlimited mobile-optimized streaming videos, gaming and music. The new plan was shared by a Reddit user, who says the new unlimited data plan basically offers the same things as the $50 plan on Boost Mobile. But there are some significant differences between the $50 Boost and $60 Virgin Mobile unlimited plans:

  • Boost offers 480p video streaming, 500 kbps audio streaming, 2 mbps gaming data and up to 8 GB per month of hotspot for $50/month. A $20/month add-on is available that provides 1080p video streaming, 1.5 mbps audio streaming and 8 mbps gaming data.

  • Virgin Mobile offers 1080p 480p video streaming, 1.5 mbs 500 kbps audio streaming and 8 2 mbps gaming data for $60 month. Hotspot is not included but is available at an extra cost of $3/day for 500 MB of hotspot, $5/month for 1 GB or $10/month for 2 GB.

Update: On March 3, 2017, Virgin Mobile's web page originally listed the mew unlimited plan as having 1080p video streaming, 1.5 mbps audio streaming and 8 mbps gaming data. On March 3, a Virgin Mobile representative contacted Prepaid Phone News to say that those speeds were posted in error and that the plan actually only offers 480p video streaming, 500 kbps audio streaming and 2 mbps gaming data. The Virgin Mobile website has been updated with the lower speeds. That means that there is absolutely no reason to choose Virgin Mobile $60/month Data Love Unlimited plan over the $50/month Unlimited Gigs plan from Boost Mobile, which is another Sprint prepaid brand. Not only is the Boost plan cheaper, but it includes 8 GB/month of hotspot at no extra charge compared with Virgin which charges $10 extra for each 2 GB of hotspot use! With the inclusion of this new plan, the options under the Data Lovers plan include the following choices:

  • Data Love ($35/month): Includes 5GB of 4G LTE

  • Data Love+ ($45/month): Includes 10GB of 4G LTE

  • Data Love Unlimited ($60/month): Includes unlimited data

The plans all include unlimited talk and text and music streaming. For more information, visit Virgin Mobile website.

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