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RingPlus Has Dropped Its Lawsuit Against Sprint

RingPlus has decided to throw in the towel. Earlier today, a link was posted in social.ringplus.net, and clicking that link will take readers to a PDF file that indicates the MVNO’s voluntary dismissal of its lawsuit against Sprint. RingPlus used to lease network capacity from Sprint, but a little more than a week ago, it had filed a complaint against the major US wireless carrier in a California district court, suing for fraud, breach of contract, and extortion, among many others. It was later revealed that at the time of the filing of the lawsuit, Sprint had already shut down the APIs used by RingPlus to enable new customer activations. It was also reported that the number 4 biggest mobile operator in America had notified RingPlus that it will be deactivating all wireless service to the MVNO effective on February 11th. That deadline has since been extended to February 21st. Obviously, one major concern for RingPlus was its customers, who now had to deal with the fact that their wireless service was going to be discontinued soon. Last week, it was reported that RingPlus users were to be migrated to Ting Mobile (another MVNO on Sprint’s network). The said migration was scheduled to commence this week, with all active phone numbers on RingPlus to be moved to Ting. Once the phone numbers are moved, the owners of those numbers will then receive an email from Ting containing instructions on how to confirm the migration with Ting, port their phone number, or otherwise, terminate their line of service altogether. Of course, for sure there will be users preferring to retain their phone numbers and port them to a different provider (that’s not Ting). They can do that through Google Voice, another MVNO on Sprint’s network, either one of Sprint’s prepaid arms (Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile), or choose to port to a carrier that’s not on Sprint’s network. For more information about this, you can head to this page.

Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.com

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