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Sprint MVNO Twigby Offers Custom Plans and Free Roaming

Twigby Wireless is a Sprint MVNO from SI Wireless, the parent company of MobileNation, a small (30,000 subscribers) regional operator in Kentucky and Tennessee. Launched early last year, Twigby lets customers build a custom plan consisting of a number of minutes and a data allotment. This is similar to the way Consumer Cellular plans work except that all Twigby voice plans include unlimited texting. Update 2/8/20117 4:15 PM PT: Twiby has lowered its prices for most plans. This post has been updated to show the new prices in bold and the old ones in strikeout font. Twigby offers the following voice plans:

  • $9 per month month 200 minutes, unlimited texts

  • $11 $12 per month 500 minutes, unlimited texts

  • $13 $17 per month 1000 minutes, unlimited texts

  • $15 $25 per month unlimited minutes, unlimited texts

Voice and text coverage includes no extra charge roaming, a feature that few Sprint MVNOs offer. A voice plan is required. Data is optional with the following data plans available:

  • $3 per month 150 MB

  • $6 $10 per month 500 MB

  • $10 $14 per month 1 GB

  • $15 $23 per month 2 GB

Like Consumer Cellular, if you use up your data you will automatically be moved up to the next higher data package. If you don't want that,Twigby's free Overage Protection optiongives you unlimited data at 2G speeds for the rest of the month instead of being moved to a more expensive plan when you use up your data allotment. Twigby was a good deal for unlimited texting with light voice and data usage before today's price cut. Now it's a good deal all around. But watch out for taxes. According to this Twigby Help artcicle, Twigby follows the postpaid model of charging all state and local point of sale taxes and also passes all its telecom taxes and recovery fees on to the consumer. That can mean taxes of up to 30% in some states and cities. See our Making Sense of Taxes on Prepaid Cell Phone Plans and Airtime post for more about the confusing mess of prepaid mobile taxes.

Source: PrepaidPhoneNews

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