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Boost Mobile 10GB Family Plan with 2 Lines for $65 is Back

Sprint MVNO Boost Mobile has brought back its 10GB family plan promotion. Last year, the carrier offered it from May through July. Boost Mobile 10GB family plan promotion starts with two lines for $65 if customers enroll in autopay. The offer is available at participating dealers for new and existing customers until April 10, 2017. In addition, Boost Mobile has added $20 HD Streaming Add-On to the $50 Unlimited Gigs plan. Also, Boost provides additional 20% off of Android smartphones, online only, due to Valentine’s Day.

Boost Mobile’s $20 HD Streaming Add-On

Boost Mobile has improved its $50 Unlimited Gigs plan with HD streaming add-on. Prior to this option, video streaming was limited to 480p, music to 500Kbps and gaming to 2Mbps without an option to choose otherwise. Even though it costs additional $20 to stream video at up to 1080p+, music at up to 1.5Mbps and gaming at up to 8Mbps, still it’s good that customers have an option if they need it.

Boost Mobile 10GB Family Plan Promotion

With this promotion, Boost is offering 2 lines for $70, three lines for $95, four lines for $120 and five lines for $145. Five lines is maximum. However, with $5 autopay discount, two lines are available for $65, three lines for $90, four lines for $115 and five lines for $140. Discount for autopay start from the second month of service and applies to the primary line. Also, autopay requires registration of valid credit/debit card. Primary line pays monthly bill for all lines and all recurring charges while secondary lines pay for its own add-ons and other unplanned charges.

Each line on the Boost Mobile 10GB family plan includes unlimited talk, text and data with 10GB at high speed. When high speed data limit is reached, carrier throttles data speeds to around 128Kbps. Also, each line has free unlimited music streaming while data on the plans can be used for hotspot, too.

Comparing to Regular Boost Mobile Family Plans

Boost Mobile offers regular family plan options, too. Customers can add up to four lines (total of five) for $30 on the $35/2GB plan ($30 with autopay). Two lines on this plan is $60, three lines $90, four lines $120 and five lines $150. Each line can add high speed data add-ons: $5/1GB and $10/2GB.

Customers can also add additional lines, up to four (total of five) on the $50 Unlimited Gigs plan. This plan offers unlimited 4G LTE data but streaming video is limited at up to 480p, music to up to 500Kbps and gaming at up to 2Mbps. To add additional lines on the $50 Unlimited Gigs plan also costs $30 per line. Two lines with this plan cost $80, three lines $110, four lines $140 and five lines $170. There is also $5 autopay discount that applies to this family plan option.

Source: PrepaidMobilephoneReviews

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