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ECO Mobile Increases High Speed Data Allotment on Plans

ECO Mobile, an MVNO running on Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon's networks, has just announced that they have increased the high speed data allotment on their $30 plans and higher. Prior to today's announcement, ECO Mobile's existing plans included the following unlimited high speed data amounts:

  • $30 per month - 1GB high speed data

  • $40 per month - 3GB high speed data

  • $50 per month - 5GB high speed data

  • $60 per month - 7GB high speed data

Apart from high speed data, the plans include unlimited talk and text. Now that the announcement has been made, the new plans include the following high speed data allotment:

  • $30 per month - 2GB high speed data (before: 1GB)

  • $40 per month - 4GB high speed data (before: 3GB)

  • $50 per month - 6GB high speed data (before: 5GB)

  • $60 per month - 8GB high speed data (before: 7GB)

Last month, ECO Mobile unveiled two plans that were more affordable compared to the $30 monthly plan:

  • $20 per month - includes unlimited talk, text and 100MB of LTE data

  • $25 per month - includes unlimited talk, text and data with the first 500MB at high speed.

Source: PrepaidPhoneNews

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