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Red Pocket Launches New $99 Per Year Plan on eBay

Multi-carrier MVNO Red Pocket Mobile has introduced a new plan for light users. For $99 per year ($8.25/month) you get 500 minutes, 500 texts and 50 MB of high speed LTE data per month. Not a bad deal if you don't talk or text very much and hardly use data at all. However there are a couple of things to be aware of with this plan:

  • It's an annual plan, paid for in advance, with no refunds after the first 30 days, 30 minutes, 30 texts or 30 MBs, whichever comes first. So if your needs change, or something bad happens to Red Pocket in next 12 months, don't expect a refund. Red Pocket has been in business since 2006, so it's pretty stable, but the MVNO business is a cutthroat one with a high attrition rate and anything can happen.

  • Although Red Pocket offers service on all four networks, the $99 annual plan is only available on AT&T, which Red Pocket calls "GSMA", or on "CDMAS" which is Sprint.

The $99 yearly pan is only available from Red Pocket's official eBay Store (seller id: redpocketstore), not on the Red Pocket site or by calling Red Pocket. The $99 price includes a kit containing a tri-cut GSMA SIM card and an activation code. Shipping is free. A CDMAS SIM for Sprint devices is not included. Sprint SIMs are supposed to stay with the phone they came with and can be reactivated on Red Pocket. If you have a Sprint phone that's missing its SIM contact the eBay seller before ordering and ask if they can provide a compatible SIM for your phone. Current Red Pocket GSMA or CDMAS customers can use the activation code in the kit to switch to the yearly plan at myeasyactivation.com and should not use the SIM that cones in the kit. If you run out of minutes, texts or data, you can add 500 minutes or 500 texts or 500 MBs for $10 at myeasyactivation.com. Or, for $15 you can add 1000 minutes, texts or MBs. Add-ons do not roll over and expire at the end of the current plan month. The new $99 yearly plan joins Red Pocket's four other yearly plans that are available from the Red Pocket eBay Store:

  • $199/year ($16/.58 month) - 1000 minutes, 1000 texts and 500 MBs of full speed data followed by 500 MB of 128 Kbps throttled data.

  • $229/year ($19.08/month) - 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 500 MBs of full speed data followed by 500 MB of 128 Kbps throttled data.

  • $300/year ($25/month) - unlimited minutes, texts and data with the first 1 GB at high speed followed by unlimited 128 Kbps throttled data.

  • $660/year ($55/month) - unlimited minutes, texts and 4 GB of high speed data (no unlimited throttled data included).

If you don't want a yearly commitment, Red Pocket offers a wide variety of monthly and pay as you go plans, see the Red Pocket site or our Prepaid Operator Profile: Red Pocket for details.

Source: PrepaidPhoneNews.Com

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